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Best-selling author Brett Markham's new handbook gives us the mini farming basics along with in-depth tips on vegetable gardening, fermenting, composting and self-sufficiency in a handy new format and design. It includes:

  • Soil management and making your own fertilizer
  • Crop rotation and cover cropping
  • Composting
  • Seed starting and timing/planning
  • Raised beds and pest management
  • PVC trellising and planting spacers
  • Raising chickens, making your own chicken plucker, and butchering
  • Growing fruit/nut trees and vines
  • Food preservation (canning and freezing)
  • Fermenting wine, vinegar and cheese

With the full-color photographs that made the original Mini Farming so popular, as well as step-by-step drawings, projects, graphs and tables, you'll have everything you need for your new or established mini farm at your fingertips. So dive in and learn how to begin and cultivate your own mini farm on less than a quarter acre.

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Author: Brett Markham

Pages: 421

Format: Paperback

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