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Combining a wide range of drug-free therapeutic approaches, Sleep Better with Natural Therapies is a step-by-step guide to Peter Smith's unique, 100 percent natural sleep solution. The book offers:

  • Explanations about how sleep works and the physical and psychological causes of insomnia.
  • Practical advice about how to practice good sleep behaviors and switch on relaxation responses within the nervous system, including the revolutionary concept of “virtual darkness.”
  • Tips on getting the right dietary supplements for a good night's sleep and creating the right sleeping environment.
  • Advice for night owls, early birds, and “free runners” about how to reset problematic sleep cycles.
  • Guidelines for preventing jetlag.

Sleep Better with Natural Therapies combines psychological treatments, such as CBT, with physiological ones, such as adjusting the biological clock, and demonstrates that it is possible to retrain the mind and change your learned associations with sleep in just a matter of weeks. This is vital reading for anyone struggling with insomnia, problems with sleep cycles, or the effects of jet lag, and it will be of interest to complementary health practitioners and mental health professionals.

Category: Natural Health

Author: Peter Smith

Pages: 272

Format: Paperback

Item Number: 7996

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