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MEN Premium Winter 2017 Self-Reliance and Country Skills

MEN Premium Winter 2017 Self-Reliance and Country Skills

Turn your dreams of country living into a reality! The MOTHER EARTH NEWS Guide to Self-Reliance and Country Skills offers more than 100 pages of beneficial articles that will assist anyone wanting to live a more self-sufficient life. Nothing compares to the feeling of enjoying a meal that was raised and grown on your own land … no matter if it’s just the delicious preserves from your garden or the entire feast. This guide also features great articles on the best staple crops for building food self-sufficiency; simple seed starting; and small-space gardening! You can even learn how to brew your own beer!

More articles include:

• 27 All-Time Best Tips for Living on Less: Mother Earth News readers share their tips for wiser living.
• Start a Self-Sufficient, 1-Acre Homestead: Live off the land with these strategies for establishing self-sufficient food production, including advice on crop rotations and raising livestock.
• Cast No Aspersions on Cast Iron: Learn how to use old-fashioned cookware to its greatest advantage.
• The No-Mortgage Natural Cottage: From treehouses to tiny homes on wheels, a no-mortgage shelter can help you eschew expensive rent and debt.
• Want Milk? Get Goats: Dairy goats can supply your family with milk inexpensively.
• Make Your Own Herbal Medicine: To find ingredients for many basic herbal remedies, you often need to look no further than your own backyard.

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