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GRIT Guide to Outdoor Survival Winter 2017 Country Skills Series

GRIT Guide to Outdoor Survival Winter 2017 Country Skills Series

Get all the skills and know-how so you can successfully survive outdoors! In the 96-page GRIT Guide to Outdoor Survival, you’ll find more than 95 tips to thrive while camping, hunting, and hiking. Learn about fail-safe fire starting, tips for building a wilderness shelter, making cordage from natural materials, locating water in the wilderness, edible insects and how to eat them, finding your way, and car survival tips for a blizzard.

Other articles in the guide include:

• Survival Personality: Develop Your Intuition – Intuition is a powerful ally, especially in dangerous situations.

• Eating Cattails – An essential (and tasty) foraging skill.

• Make Cold Weather Camping Gear from Wool Blankets – For economical, dependable insulation, it’s hard to beat wool.

• Wilderness First Aid Basics – Your quick response could mean the difference between life and death.

• Base Camping with Children – Discover the secret of wilderness success when camping as a family.

• How to Make Soap from Ashes – Soap making in the woods can be almost automatic. And more! Get the most out of your trip in the wilderness with the GRIT Guide to Outdoor Survival.

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