Entrepreneurs and ethical vegans Michelle Schwegmann and Josh Hooten first satisfied their passion for saving animals by founding Herbivore, a successful line of clothing that promotes a cruelty-free lifestyle. In this collection of more than 100 of their favorite vegan dishes, they’ve extended their art and ethics into the kitchen, showcasing how and why everyone can and should eat like they give a damn.

Together, they present a vast array of recipes, including comfort foods and innovative twists on go-to classics to satisfy every craving. Want something fun and funky? Try an Elvis Quesadilla with Maple-Yogurt Drizzle. Need a hearty, satisfying dish? Ladle out Herbivore Chili. Yearn for something nostalgic but healthy? Whip up Roasted Beet Burgers with a side of Everyday Sweet Potato Fries. Need something impressive to carve for the holidays or serve at a dinner party? Make a surprisingly simple Portobello-Chickpea Wellington, and for dessert, serve Cappuccino-Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies.

With ample helpings of both sass and heart, Schwegmann and Hooten get personal, sharing intimate stories of their individual vegan journeys and challenges. They demonstrate from firsthand experience how easy it is to eat well and prepare delicious vegan fare. Whether you’re raising children on a plant-based diet or longing for the meat- and cheese-based foods from your past, Eat Like You Give a Damn has you covered– … and offers support and community.

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