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Forest blend is an extra-strength concentration of the pure essential oils of citronella, geranium, lemon-eucalyptus, rosemary, and neem oil in a witch hazel base. This blend was designed for maximum personal protection when facing the Bug-Ugliespests on their own turf (when participating in such activities as camping, hiking, or fishing, etc…) or for those who are extra especially tasty to bugs. (you know who you are!).

Bug-Bouncer safely repels over more than 100 types of insects. We have field tested Bug-Bouncer formulas have been field-tested in all types of climates: on beaches, in jungles, deserts, mountains, rain forests, and our own backyards. All blends are very effective against mosquitoes, and each blend has been designed with a pleasing scent that is effective (but not overwhelming).

The convenient, portable, half-ounce-oz size, is practical for pocket or purse, and meets Transportation Security Administration (TSA) carry-on requirements. Because the euro-dropper bottle releases only a few drops at a time, a bottle of Bug-Bouncer can last up to a year with normal use. And, unlike with aerosol sprays, the chance of leakage is minimal.

In short, Bug-Bouncer is effective, low- risk and chemical- free, but no matter how nice it smells to humans, Bug-Bouncer tastes bad to bugs.

After sampling dozens of natural insect repellents, Bug-Bouncer is the one I recommend to friends and family. Because the essential oils are mixed with a small amount of carrier, you can safely apply the potent and effective blend directly to your skin. You only need to apply a few drops at a time, which means each bottle will last up to a year. I typically apply two or three drops to both my wrists and ankles before heading outside, and then I reapply each hour just to be safe. I keep one bottle in my medicine cabinet, one in my car, and one in my purse for impromptu summer hikes. –Hannah Kincaid, Editor-in-Chief, Mother Earth Living

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