From crayons to cough drops, cookies to candles, Beehive Alchemy offers a comprehensive introduction to incorporating the miracle of bees into everyday life.

Beehive Alchemy is a continuation of Petra Ahnert's bestselling Beeswax Alchemy. With this new book, beekeepers (and bee lovers) will learn about the benefits and attributes of beeswax, honey, propolis, and more, alongside a full range of projects and techniques to process and harness the amazing gifts of bees. Inside, you'll find instructions to make Ahnert's award-winning hand-dipped birthday candles, the classic French dessert canelé bordelais, and much more, including:

Alchemy for the Body

• Liquid soap with honey
• Beard balm
• Olive and honey lotion

Alchemy of Light

• Taper candles
• Tea lights
• Pillars

Alchemy for the Home

• Furniture polish
• Waxed cotton food wraps
• Woodcutter incense

Alchemy in the Studio

• Beeswax crayons
• Encaustic
• Batik

Alchemy in the Kitchen

• Cookies and candies
• Beverages
• Fermentations

Whether you keep bees or just love them, Beehive Alchemy will become your go-to comprehensive guide for hive-to-home creations.

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Pages: 160

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