Mother Earth News has compiled the best articles to help you enjoy winter on your homestead. With the projects and recipes found within these pages (more than 35 in all!), you’ll be able to cook delicious turkey beyond Thanksgiving, build a simple solar heater, find affordable ways to keep your flock warm, produce the best crops in your winter garden, and more.

    Discover the benefits and cost of using a woodstove to heat your home in the winter. Learn how to make your own hard cider by following a set of simple instructions. Read how to make your own nontoxic laundry soap (you’ll never again have to guess about the mysterious chemicals in your wash). Understand car survival tips for a blizzard: what you should do if you are stuck on the road during a killer snowstorm.

    More articles include:

    • Build a Solar Stock Tank – This reliable livestock waterer will save electricity, and you won’t have to chop ice this winter!
    • Buy a Christmas Tree You Can Replant – By replanting Christmas trees, you can establish a living tradition that will endure for generations.
    • Make Your Own Herbal Medicine – To find ingredients for many basic herbal remedies, you often need to look no further than your own backyard.
    • How to Build a Small Garden Greenhouse – Treat your plants to a safe transition and extend the growing season.
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    Live simply: save money, smile more. This theme runs through the Mother Earth News Guide to Living on Less special edition. In its 100 pages, you'll find expert advice, tips, instructions and more to help you live a more self-sufficient life. Its guidance covers everything from building better soil with free organic fertilizers to constructing tiny homes that are cozy, affordable and inspiring. The fourth edition of this handy guide will have you living on less and loving it!

    Read reliable information about building a compact cabin or simple shelter that's enjoyable and affordable. Grow your own healing garden and find good health just outside your front door. Discover simple tips for creating nutrient-rich, root-welcoming soil, and grow your most abundant garden yet. Learn where to find healthy, farm-fresh eggs. Follow delicious recipes for making your own homemade root beer, ginger ale, grape soda and more.

    Other articles include:

    • Adding Insulation Can Save You Money: Figure out whether you should add insulation to your home, and which pieces of the job you can do yourself.
    • Easy Ways to Preserve Fresh Food: Your guide to canning, freezing, dehydrating and other simple, seasonal storage methods.
    • Instant, No-Dig Garden Beds: Create or expand your food garden with this time-saving technique.
    • Want Milk? Get Goats: Dairy goats can supply your family with delicious milk, yogurt and cheese. The fun of raising these gregarious animals is just a bonus.
    • Disease Prevention Basics: These techniques can prevent many of the diseases that plague your vegetables. They include wide spacing, trellising and careful use of organic pesticides.
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    Are you looking for simple ideas to save money? The Mother Earth News Guide to Living on Less, 7th Edition has dozens of ideas to help you save money on food, housing, and energy, while also living a greener life. This 100-page guide is packed full of articles for earning a living on a farm by building a tiny home without a mortgage, planting a bountiful garden, raising livestock, and more.

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    The Guide to Self-Reliance and Country Skills features more than 50 ways to enjoy a more sustainable lifestyle. Inside, you’ll discover the most important skills for self-reliance. More than 15 invaluable articles fill the pages of this special issue. Read lessons of off-grid living from a 20-year veteran homesteader and shift to a low-carbon lifestyle. Install the best garden fence to protect your garden from critters. Discover a solar heating plan for your home with an exciting solar project. Follow simple instructions for making your own shampoo, deodorant and toothpaste.

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    Turn your dreams of country living into a reality! The Mother Earth News Guide to Self-Reliance and Country Skills, 4th Edition is 100 pages of beneficial articles that will assist anyone wanting to live a more self-sufficient life. Nothing compares to the feeling of enjoying a meal that was raised and grown on your own land … no matter if it’s just the delicious preserves from your garden or the entire feast. There are also great articles on solar heating and other energy savings tips that will save you hundreds on your energy bills.

    Several articles in this special issue provide useful and helpful tips on how to plan and maintain a successful self-sufficient homestead, from picking the perfect property to caring for the garden and livestock.

      More articles included:
    • Homesteading Lessons Learned: From planning your home to laying out garden beds, a longtime homesteading expert shares his advice 20 years in the making.
    • Start a Self-Sufficient, 1-Acre Homestead: Live off the land with these strategies for establishing self-sufficient food production, including advice on crop rotations and raising livestock.
    • Cut Your Food Bills in Half: You can enjoy better and healthier food while spending much less to feed your family.
    • How to Make Cheap Garden Beds: Here’s how (and why) to create permanent garden beds and paths, and why framed or raised beds may be optional.
    • Want Milk? Get Goats: Dairy goats can supply your family with milk inexpensively.
    • Make Your Own Herbal Medicine: To find ingredients for many basic herbal remedies, you often need to look no further than your own backyard.
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    Learning to live off the land can be one of the most rewarding experiences. Preparing meals with ingredients that you cultivated yourself provides a feeling of self-accomplishment and the satisfaction of knowing where your food comes from. Being able to successfully run a self-sufficient homestead, no matter whether you live on 1 acre or 10, provides you with benefits such as money saved on bills, healthy and nutritious food, homemade remedies, and so much more.

    Growing and raising your own food, completing energy-saving projects and choosing renewable energy, and more are all covered in this 100-page guide. It's jam-packed with articles that will help you start your journey toward making life more self-sufficient.

    Read how to plan the perfect homestead and design your homestead on only 1 acre of land. Learn to build the best greenhouses and garden fences. Discover how to plan for food self-sufficiency and maximize your harvest.

    More articles include:
    Find Your Country Property - Follow this advice to locate the property that's just right for you.

    Space-Saving Home Design - Has clutter taken over your life? Make your house feel bigger by tapping into five strategies that makes your homework far more efficiently.

    Make Your Own Herbal Medicine - To find ingredients for many basic herbal remedies, you often need to look no further than your own backyard.

    Raising Chickens for Meat - Want to ensure that the chicken on your plate was raised and processed humanely? Do it yourself!

    Keeping Bees in Top-Bar Hives - Use this less-expensive method to raise bees that will pollinate your crops and provide tasty honey fresh from the comb.

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    Make the most of the fall season with the help this guide offers! You will find out how to grow your best fall garden, taking advantage of the cooler temperatures that will make your vegetables taste crisp and sweet. If you protect your vegetables, you can continue harvesting fresh, crisp produce through several fall and winter months! Speaking of cooler temperatures, choose the best wood-burning stove for your home with the expert advice contained in this guide, and find the best firewood types for your needs! Other articles include: • Eight easy projects for instant energy savings – Implement these inexpensive strategies to reduce your carbon footprint and slash your energy bills. • Choose Fermented foods for health and flavor – Humans have used fermentation for centuries to preserve food. Today, we know that fermentation also makes some foods more nutritious. • Outdoor root cellars – Try these five ways to store fresh food for winter right in your garden. • Brew your own beer – Home brewing is kettles of fun, and it’s the perfect way to make your own uniquely flavored, affordable drinks. • Sweet cider roundup – Make delicious cider with this advice on the best apples and how to press them. • Emergency power options – With the right generator, you’ll be prepared when storms or blackouts leave you without electricity.

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