Preparing for Your Home Birth

| 4/9/2015 10:12:00 AM

home birth
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Many people think that having a home birth is a huge burden on your household. I’ve heard all kinds of silly reasons why people don’t want to have a home birth. “What about the mess?” or “I like being waited on at the hospital!” While I can understand why people, who are more than likely uninformed, might have some of these concerns, but these easily resolved issues certainly shouldn’t be someone’s main reason for forgoing a home birth.

Home Birth Space
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Prepare Your Space

It’s likely that your midwife will have you order a birth kit (or provide you with one) but it’s a great idea to go one step further and stock up on some essentials. I recommend extra towels, a couple dozen chucks pads, a few cheap shower curtain liners (used to protect the carpet and bed), and plenty of hydrogen peroxide (use it on all of your dirty laundry after the birth).

If there are things that you can do ahead of time, you should definitely take advantage of the calm before the storm. Go ahead and set up the birth tub, move any furniture out of the way and create a calm and peaceful space to labor in. Take into consideration where you feel the safest in your home. Often times, birthing moms prefer the tiniest room in the house so be prepared to change your mind and your location during the birthing process.

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