3 Tips on How to Make Bedtime Easier

| 9/14/2015 4:12:00 PM

By the time you get all of your kids tucked into bed, it seems like half of the night is already gone. Your children never seem to get enough sleep and neither do you. Yet, bedtime doesn’t have to take all night. There are a couple of easy ways you can make bedtime easier. Make your children’s bedroom more inviting with organic bamboo sheets and establish a bedtime routine. While these tricks are simple, they will do wonders in making bedtime easier on you and your kids.

mother reading bedtime story to two children
Photo by Fotolia.

Make Their Bedroom Inviting

The first step to making bedtime easier is to make your children’s bedroom more inviting. If your children love jumping into their bed each night because their bedding is so soft and cozy, the bedtime battle is half won.

Organic bamboo sheets and silk comforters are the perfect way to turn your children’s bed from a night-time prison into a cozy haven that they want to spend all their time in. Organic bamboo sheets are even softer than cotton and as smooth as silk without the slipperiness.

Organic bamboo sheets and silk comforters are also extraordinarily breathable, which means your children will be comfortable all night long since they won’t ever wake up from overheating. Having your children stay asleep all night long is a parent’s dream because your children will actually get a good night’s sleep and you won’t be woken up in the middle of the night.

Establish a Bedtime Routine

Establishing a bedtime routine is the next step in making bedtime easier. Having your children get that last drink of water, brush their teeth, and go to the bathroom as part of your bedtime routine will help eliminate many of the causes of your kids getting up after they have been put to bed.