Do Yoga with Your Kids!

| 4/27/2011 6:08:50 PM

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Bend, twist and turn upside down for a happy baby and healthy child!

When kids do yoga, it helps them develop flexibility, balance and coordination. It’s a wonderful non-competitive exercise that strengthens their confidence and concentration, as well as their body.

child doing downward dog 

Getting children to sit (or stand) still long enough to teach them yoga is not always easy. As a mom with two enthusiastic yogis, here are the tips that work with my tykes: 

Release expectations and go with the flow. With limited attention spans and children embracing some positions and rejecting others, the practice will be spontaneous and collaborative. Allow the experience to flow in whatever direction the little ones want.

7/8/2014 4:57:33 AM

When kids do yoga, it helps them advance flexibility, antithesis and coordination. It’s a admirable non-competitive exercise that strengthens their aplomb and concentration, as able-bodied as their body.

7/5/2014 8:07:45 AM

I tried teach yoga to my kids but only in 10 minutes they got bored and went to dress themselves because in that day I promised to take them at the Golden Glide fun center I found on website. The tips you provided on how to keep my children’s attention are great and now I am sure they will love practicing yoga with me.