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Pad Thai Noodle Soup Recipe

Natural food chef, writer, educator, advocate of whole plant-based foods, and superfoods for optimal health, Julie Morris offers a vibrant healthy lifestyle that is both easy to achieve and delicious to follow in Superfood Soups (Sterling, 2016). Morris offers helpful soup-making advice and information about the nutritional benefits of superfood soups, including soup cleanses and rejuvenating broths. The following excerpt is from part 2, “Brothy and Noodle Soups.”

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This soup originated as a dinnertime peace treaty. My family was looking to soothe a pad Thai craving (as one sometimes gets), but bad weather meant it was a stay-in kind of night. I settled the grumbles by making a pot of pad Thai soup created entirely from ingredients we had on hand, and it was so good, we’ve been making versions of it ever since. 

  • Published on Dec 20, 2017
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