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Grilled Garlic & Summer Squash Skewers Recipe with Chimichurri

Bring more whole, real ingredients into your kitchen and replace processed foods with Pure Food (Clarkson Potter, 2015) from Veronica Bosgraaf, founder of the Pure Bar. This cookbook offers seasonal recipes and tips for “cleaning” your kitchen and lifestyle. The following recipe for grilled skewers is the perfect summer grilling dish.

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Summer begs for grilling. Many people think a grill is just for meat, but once you’ve had a little experience with grilling fresh produce, the grill will become your best friend in the hot summer months. There is something unique about cooking on a grill—it just makes the flavors of ingredients blend superbly well and brings out the best in vegetables.

In this recipe I combine a sauce called chimichurri—a green, herby sauce usually used to marinate meat—with a colorful array of vegetables. The hearty squash really takes on the chimichurri flavors. It’s the perfect summer grilling dish!

Grilled Garlic & Summer Squash Skewers Recipe with Chimichurri

  • Published on Jul 13, 2015
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