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Summer Recipes

By Staff

Summer offers a bounty of local, nutritious, flavorful foods. Make the best of your seasonal harvest with our favorite summer recipes starring fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs straight from the garden!

Healthy Summer Recipes

Homemade Popsicles

Enjoy the fresh flavors of summer in refreshingly cool homemade popsicles.

+ Featured flavors: Parsley-Infused Watermelon; Raspberries and Cream; Campari and Cantaloupe; Cranberry and Apple

Cooking with Basil

Transform the way you think about basil with these recipes that make use of uncommon basils.

+ Featured recipes: Basil Limeade; Poached Pears in Basil Syrup; Asian-Inspired Beef; Basil-Buttered Shrimp

A Taste of Summer

Nothing captures the essence of summertime quite like the sweet, refreshing flavor of watermelon.

+ Featured recipes: Minted Melon Salad; Melon-Citrus Cooler; Watermelon Barbecue Marinade

Easy Grilled Vegetables

Grilling vegetables is a simple, delicious way to enjoy their fresh flavors, and preparing them couldn’t be easier.

+ Get grilling with this guide! See the cooking times for different varieties of fruits and vegetables.

Recipes for Grilling Out

Take advantage of the most bountiful of seasons with simply grilled seafood, veggies and fruit.

+ Featured recipes: Baja Fish Tacos; Blackened Fish Po’ Boy; Grill-Roasted Tomatillo Salsa; and more

Breakfast Recipes for Campers

Rise and shine with these campfire recipes that leave you more time to enjoy the outdoors.

+ Featured recipes: Brown Bag Breakfast; Breakfast Cereal for Hikers; Dutch Oven Breakfast Pie; Breakfast Burritos; and more!

Summertime Berry Recipes

Summer-sweet berries pack a healing punch of antioxidant-rich flavor. Whip up these three seasonal dishes for better health.

+ Featured recipes: Blackberry Cobbler; Cranberry Sauce; Berry Freezer Jam

Tenacious Thyme

Intrepid and never timid, this aromatic plant is a good friend in the kitchen.

+ Featured recipes: Roast Pork Loin; Baked Tilapia; Crab Chowder; Pan-Fried Apples; Berries with Warm Lemon Thyme Honey; and more!

Summer Drink Recipes

Ditch sugar-laden soda in favor of one of these refreshing summer drinks.

+ Featured recipes: Basil Limeade; Honeydew Mint Seltzer; Lavender Lemonade; Melon-Citrus Cooler; 3-Ingredient Margarita; and more!

Great Pickle Recipes

Preserve your harvest with delicious, fresh-pack pickles. Make your own with these easy steps.

+ Featured recipes: Dill Chips; Pickled Garlic Scapes; Vermont Maple Sweet Pickles

Spanish Tapas Menu

Made with garden-fresh vegetables and herbs, tapas are just right for a light summer supper or get-together with friends.

+ Featured recipes: Tomato Gazpacho with Garlic Croutons; Tomato Eggplant Salad; Garlic Bruschetta; and more!

A Garlic-Themed Feast

Both hearty and healthy, this midsummer menu makes use of versatile garlic, right down to dessert.

+ Featured recipes: Garden Gazpacho; Chickpea Salad; Chocolate-Chip Roasted Garlic Cookies; and more!

Summer Picnic Recipes

What better way to celebrate summer than to pack a basket with goodies straight from the garden?

+ Featured recipes: Iced Herb Gazpacho; Fresh Tarragon Potato Salad; Herb-Fried Chicken; Chocolate-Peppermint Fudge

Easy Sorbet Recipes

Call them sorbets, sherbets, granitas or ices—nothing could be simpler than these herbs on ice.

+ Featured recipes: Basil-Lime Sorbet; Lemon Verbena Yogurt Sherbet; Strawberry-Rose Sorbet; and more!

Endless Summer

Make and freeze these easy recipes while you have an abundance of fresh tomatoes and basil.

+ Featured recipes: Roasted Tomato Sauce; Freezer Pesto; Creamy Roasted Tomato Soup

  • Published on Jun 18, 2013
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