Shorter Hair, Shorter Showers

| 11/3/2008 4:14:58 PM
















Photo by Tanakawho/Courtesy flickr

Growing up with three brothers in tiny living quarters didn't deter me from taking 30-minute showers when I was younger. Part of it was because I wasn't (and am still not) a morning person; the shower was the place where I woke up as I stood under the stream of hot running water. This didn't go over well with my siblings or my parents, who yelled at me a lot for this wasteful habit.

Now that I'm older (and paying my own water bill), I've perfected the art of the 8-minute shower. But now, I think it's going to get shorter: I recently chopped my hair to just about nothing, and my first short-hair shower this morning took all of five minutes (and less of the pricey organic shampoo!).

In the morning I am notoriously behind schedule, but with shorter hair and a greener mindset, I'm excited to save time and money in the morning. A few months ago, I installed a showerhead shut off valve to stop the flow of water in my shower when I'm lathering up; I've yet to replace my actual showerhead, though.

Any suggestions for a cheaper model showerhead or other time and money-saving techniques for the bathroom? I live in a rental, so I can't invest in a low-flow toilet. Leave me a comment and let me know!