Supernatural Shine: John Masters Organics Shine On

| 3/6/2009 10:17:23 AM

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Instead of greasing up your hair with synthetics, such as petroleum-based silicone, why not add a little texture and style to your hair with organic ingredients that actually work?

That's what John Masters Organics thought when it came to its new product, Shine On. It's a slick leave-in treatment that uses organic sea kelp and carrot seed oil to add shine, volume and a touch of silkiness to dull hair. As always, John Masters Organics products are free of GMOs, parabens, DEAs, MEAs and TEAs.

John Masters Organics Shine On
John Masters Organics Shine On keeps your hair soft and shiny. Photo Courtesy John Masters Organics.

Even if your hair is baby fine (like mine), Shine On won't weigh it down (and you only need a dime-sized amount, anyway). This 4-ounce jar will last a long time, so the $30 investment in it will easily amount to less than a dollar a day.

Shine On is available at Whole Foods Market and online. If there's not a Whole Foods near you, remember that online customers can take advantage of free ground shipping.

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