Another Case for Organic Fabrics: Chemicals in Bras

| 11/11/2008 4:59:49 PM

A potential class-action lawsuit against Victoria's Secret has some women itching to get out of their bras.

The problem? Complaints of allergic reactions to formaldehyde supposedly found in the fibers of the bras' cups. Some women have reported painful welts, rashes and blisters.

Photo by Jenny Downing/Courtesy flickr 

Formaldehyde in clothing is not uncommon. Many stain- and wrinkle-free clothing are laced with the toxin. The best way to avoid sensitive skin reactions to these harsh chemicals is to buy organic fabrics.

Your next best option is to launder your new clothing (especially undergarments) before wearing them. You won't wash out the chemicals completely, but you will dilute them and reduce the amount that comes into contact with your skin.