Natural Lip Balm: Addicted to Lip Balm: Organic Essence Eco-Tube Lip Balms

| 3/2/2009 1:31:56 PM

Organic Essence has done it again! The same company that brought you shea butter in a compostable jar now offers five yummy lip balms in eco-tubes—biodegradable encasings that you can compost in your backyard—with 20 percent more balm than before. This is exciting for someone who is addicted to lip balm.

Organic Essence Eco-Tubes
Organic Essence lips balms now come in eco-tubes with 20 percent more balm. Photo Courtesy Organic Essence.

The eco-tubes are cute. They remind me of push-pops. Another added benefit of this eco-tube is that you can get the very last bit of balm when the tube is running out—no wasting!

As always, Organic Essence eco-tubes are USDA Organic, with no preservatives, artificial colors or animal testing. And this time, no plastic container!

Flavors available are almond, grapefruit, mint, natural and vanilla. My favorite eco-tube is grapefruit, mostly because I have never had a balm in that flavor. Eco-tube balms cost $6.99 and are available at Organic Essence online.