Natural Product Review: Scotch Naturals Nail Polish

| 4/14/2014 4:08:00 PM

I love treating myself to at-home manicures. It’s a fun indulgence for whenever I have the time. Unfortunately, the effects of chemical-laden nail polish ingredients can be quite damaging on nails, as well as your health. Common nail polish ingredients include toluene, which helps polish brush on smoothly; formaldehyde, a hardener; and dibutyl phthalate, a plasticizer that helps keep polishes from chipping. This trio of toxic ingredients has been linked to nausea, allergies, thyroid disorders, reproductive problems and cancer.

If you apply nail polish, you will eventually have to remove nail polish. Nail polish removers are limited—store-bought products are either made with acetone or nonacetone. Either ingredient can be damaging to the nail, although acetone is the more harmful of the two. It dries out nails and has been linked to problems with the heart, lungs and liver.

Science has yet to catch up with our manicure habits, so it can be difficult to find a pretty nail polish that is safe and effective. But as the green beauty market expands, the closer we get to a better alternative. Thankfully, Scotch Naturals is one of those companies who are dead set on pushing the boundaries of the green beauty market.  


Scotch Naturals Nail Polish Ingredients

Scotch Naturals prides itself on being the nontoxic, eco-friendly alternative to the “three-free” solvent-based polishes on the market. Instead, the polishes are made from a water-based formula. With its wide selection of color options—43 as of right now—you are sure to find a color that works with your preferred palette. Let’s take a look at the ingredients Scotch Naturals employs.

water, acrylic polymer emulsion, +/- *CI 15850, CI 77492, CI 77499, *CI 77289, *CI 77891 (nontoxic colorants), and/or mica