Natural Lip Balm: Addicted to Lip Balm: The Body Shop Hemp Lip Protector

| 6/18/2008 12:27:31 PM

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The Body Shop

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I used to love going into The Body Shop when I was younger. It was a more hip version of Bath and Body Works, plus I didn't have access to this store in my hometown. The Body Shop was a true treat for me.

Now that I live in a metro area with plenty of consumer cliques at my fingertips, TBS doesn't arouse me the way it used to. I only own one product, a gift from a my friend Erica from a couple Christmases ago...which makes me think that maybe it's time to throw it out.

As scandalous as it once seemed to be, the Hemp Lip Protector at TBS isn't that crazy. It's a great marketing campaign (how else do you draw in teenagers and college students—marijuana) and the product has some good attributes, but I just ain't buyin' it with my own money.

The good: The balm is made with hemp seed oil. Hemp requires little to no pesticides to grow, and the oil is rich in omega-3s.

It's also made with organic beeswax. This particular beeswax is part of a Community Trade beeswax from Zambia. The Body Shop's partnership with this trade helps preserve the way of life of thousands of beekeepers in this country by providing additional income, on demand.

The questionable: Lanolin. This stuff has sheep sweat in it. Lanolin is secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals. Depending on how you feel about sheep-shearing, this could be a problem for you. My problem with lanolin is that it's not very moisturizing. It's smooth and oily, but doesn't absorb into the skin for proper hydration. People with eczema or sensitive skin often react to lanolin. I just try to avoid this stuff in my beauty products.

Where are the ingredients? I know these tubes are small, but TBS doesn't list ingredients on its lip balm. That makes it harder for the consumer to know what they are buying when they pick up a spur-of-the-moment item. I don't have time to whip out an iPhone or laptop to Google the ingredients.

I haven't use this stuff in a while, and considering how old it is, it's probably heading for its doomsday pretty soon.

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