How to Recycle Empty Cosmetics Containers

| 4/27/2009 2:37:27 PM

I’ve accumulated a lot of cosmetics over the past year and a half. From reviewing the newest eco-friendly skincare and makeup to purchasing my own must-haves, I’ve grown quite a beauty stash.

I have nine small drawers filled with beauty products in my bathroom. 

It’s exciting when I finally finish a whole container of something. But, regardless of whether or not I use a green product or a conventional product, I’m always faced with the same problem at the end of the cosmetics life cycle: 

What do I do with the container? 

Recycling cosmetics packaging is tricky. You can have greenest product ever, but if it’s housed in number 7 plastic (one of the most difficult to recycle), then you’re faced with tough questions. Can you reuse the container? Should you send it back to the manufacturer and hope the company recycles or reuses it properly? Do you just toss it in the trash, which is destined for the landfill? 

Loose Makeup
Store loose eyeshadows and powders in reusable glass jars. Photo By K-Ideas/Courtesy Flickr 

4/25/2018 11:46:14 PM

Ever since I was a teenager, I've emptied out the ends of lipsticks (my mom's, my sister's, mine) into a now emptied face powder or blush compact so I have a great pallet to "paint" my lips from! People often ask me what color lipstick I'm wearing and I can't say because it's always my own mixture.