Natural Shampoo: Onesta Hair Care

| 7/8/2008 10:50:20 AM


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They say nothing’s perfect, but I have found a natural shampoo and hair care line that is well on its way there. 

Standing true to its motto, “Free yourself of harmful chemicals,” Onesta Hair Care is a promising new natural shampoo and hair care line. 

Onesta, Italian for “honesty,” is the most transparent company I’ve seen in a while. Onesta fully discloses all ingredients, workforce practices and company ethics.

First, the ingredients: Honey. Sage. White willow bark. Nettle. Thyme. Aloe. Soy protein. Calendula. Dandelion. Sea kelp. Green tea. 

Next, Onesta's commitments: Wind power. Recycled materials. American manufacturing. Sustainable farming. Organic extracts. Biodegradable. Donations to cancer research

What you won’t find: SLES. SLS. Parabens. DEA. TEA. Colors. Dyes. Propylene glycol. 

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