Natural Lip Balm: Addicted to Lip Balm: Red Roses BeesWork

| 7/8/2008 12:33:07 PM


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I’m not much of a tinted natural lip balm person. The consistency is never right and the color distribution is always uneven.

But for days when you want an even hint of color (like you just ate an organic fruit bar) and loads of moisture, I’ve discovered a rosy natural lip balm that has organic ingredients.

Red Roses by BeesWork is a tinted, natural lip balm that gets its color from the alkanet root and its softness from rosehips and evening primrose oil. It also contains organic jojoba, organic rosehip seed, organic coconut oil and organic red roses.

Slide it onto your lips for a hint of color, and if you’re a little pale, dab some on your cheeks. It’s an excellent natural cheek rouge and blusher, too.

What I like best about this natural lip balm is that, even on a tiny container, BeesWork lists all the ingredients.

The only downside? It’s pricey. But if you think about it, it’s $15.95 for a tube of tinted natural lip balm, whereas most unnatural department store brands are priced upwards of $20.

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