Pet Corner: Give Your Pet an Immunity Boost

Give your pets an immunity boost with these herbal remedies, and help keep them healthy all year long.

| March/April 1998

  • Keep your animal buddy healthy with our holistic vet’s advice.
    Photo by Stefan Glebowski
  • Information provided in “Pet Corner” is not intended to substitute for the advice of a qualified veterinarian.
    Photo by Hagit Berkovich

I hate being sick, but I hate even more for one of my pets to be sick. When I’m ill, I can at least ask for what I need. Animals aren’t so lucky—they can’t tell us where it hurts or what they need to make them feel better. You can bridge this communication gap, however, by caring for your pet’s immune system and using the appropriate herbs to fend off disease and give them an immunity boost.

The immune system identifies and attacks bacteria, viruses and fungi that invade the body and cause illnesses, such as allergies, colds and gastrointestinal disturbances. It is an integrated, complex system.

A healthy immune system can handle minor invasions, but when any one of its organs is compromised, the immune system likely will suffer. So I like to protect my pets with a few herbal immune-system boosters on a regular basis, and I always follow these steps and give them these herbs when they have a minor illness to try and keep it from becoming more serious.

A Good Start: A Healthy Pet Environment 

The first step toward keeping your pet’s immune system in proper working order is to provide a healthy pet environment, which includes good nutrition, regular exercise, minimal stress and lots of love. Scientific studies have shown that pets living in stressful surroundings have weakened immune responses.

Immune System Support 

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