Love Your Linens: How to Care for Heirloom Fabrics

Care for your heirloom sheets and cloths with these suggestions.

| November/December 2007

  • Salt, lemon juice and sun gently remove stains from linens.

Modern detergents and washing machines are too powerful for heirloom cloths and sheets, so err on the safe side by following the suggestions below. After laundering, you can protect linens from dust and direct sunlight by storing them in old pillowcases.

All-Natural Stain Removal

Bleach can dissolve delicate heirloom threads before your eyes. Instead, dab stains with a clean white cloth saturated with undiluted white vinegar. For difficult spots, use solar power. Here’s how:

1. Cover the spot with a pile of table salt.

2. Drizzle fresh lemon juice over the salt.

3. Leave the fabric in the sun for several hours.

4. Gently brush off the salt; hand-launder as usual.

To Hand-Launder Fine Linens:

1. Pre-fill a basin with warm water, stir in Castile soap and mix well.

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