New Brown Sugar Souffle Body Scrub from S.O.A.P.

| 7/15/2013 10:46:00 AM

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brown sugar souffle body scrub from S.O.A.P. 

Undo summer’s damage and awaken beautiful fall skin with S.O.A.P.’s *NEW* Brown Sugar Souffle Body Scrub.

Banish dead skin cells and send lackluster skin packing with this delicious polish made with natural Cane Sugar, Honey, and a dash of Cinnamon and Sweet Almond essential oils.

S.O.A.P. (which stands for the Company’s 4 bodycare categories: Scented, Organic, Artisan and Pure) offers decadent bath and skincare luxuries made with the finest ingredients from all over the world in a variety of inspired and unique fragrances.

The Company’s Brown Sugar Souffle Body Scrub offers a luxurious spa treatment right in the comfort of your own home and works wonders for even the most dry, battered skin.

To use: simply apply a small amount to wet skin and exfoliate in gentle circles – paying close attention to feet, knees and elbows. Rinse off with fresh water. No need to moisturize after this treatment because the Sweet Almond Oil and Honey keeps skin naturally moisturized. Apply twice a week to remove dry skin.

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