MasterShield Gutter Protection: Sustainable Gutter Guards

| 8/10/2011 11:19:21 AM

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As summer fades into fall and winter, eco-conscious contractors and homeowners alike are looking to New Jersey-based MasterShield® Gutter Protection (, the long-time leader in the gutter guard industry, to best protect their gutters from the seasons’ falling debris and often inclement freezing weather. 

MasterShield Gutter Protection recently announced their new MicroVortex technology. The patented filter, deemed the “Impossible Cloth,” will now be able to filter more water, more quickly, as a result of a specific calculation of thread size, density, weave and placement in the micromesh filtration cloth.

But in addition to providing a gutter guaranteed never to clog, MasterShield is also committed to supporting the environment through eco-conscious initiatives. Thanks to these efforts, homeowners and contractors who use MasterShield can rest easy knowing that their gutter guards will keep the environment clean as well, thanks to the company’s many ecologically responsible building initiatives.

The Product 

MasterShield is committed to supporting environmentally friendly practices.  Proudly manufactured in the U.S., our products’ aluminum contains more than 95 percent recycled content and the stainless steel is made up of at least 30 percent recycled material (a higher percentage would not meet surgical grade standards). Any metal trimmed from the product during installation is also 100 percent recyclable. Additionally, our adhesive meets requirements that would allow it to be in contact with edible products.  

Committed to Building Green 

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