Habitus Introduces New Line of Sustainable Tile Material

| 12/13/2012 4:18:00 PM

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Habitus Ivory

Habitus continues to pioneer in the development of sustainable tile materials. Introducing a new natural mosaic tile finish suitable for floors and walls produced from earth’s purest and truest ivory; HABITUS IVORY PALM MOSAIC TILE.

Made from Tagua (pronounced tag'-gwah), also known as "vegetable ivory" or "ivory nut" because it is almost indistinguishable from real ivory. Environmentally safe and sustainably sound; the material is harvested from palm trees. Tagua nut, or Ivory Palm; is in fact the seed (approx. 2” in length) of a fruit which grows on round shaped palm trees in South America. The seeds are gathered, set to dry in the sun and when they are carved, the seed reveals a dense ivory white material, similar even to a rich off-white marble stone.

Natural, durable and decorative; we carve and select the material to create penny round tiles in various diameter sizes; 1/2", 3/4", 1", & 1-1/4". The penny rounds are fashioned on face mounted sheets measuring 12" x 12". It is installed to floors and walls using a white thinset mortar adhesive and finished with urethane tile grout. The production process is mostly handmade and creates ZERO waste, in fact the remnant shavings of are used for agricultural products. The palm tree will provide a vast amount of this raw material throughout its lifetime, further the region in South America where the material comes from is abundant with the material. Commonly used for traditional handicrafts, buttons, billiard balls, musical instrument parts, and other things traditionally made from ivory.

As a mosaic tile product it features many of the same characteristics of marble mosaic tile; it is durable and slip resistance. Habitus Ivory Palm Mosaic Tile has a matte finished surface, and the penny round shape provides for the possibility to create unique feature wall and floor applications.

Available currently by special order from Habitus in New York, delivery time around 2-4 weeks. Sold by the square foot at a starting price around $20 per square foot. No minimum quantity. Habitus can be contacted at 1.800.729.5120, or by e-mail.

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