Eco Lips Launches "Create It Yourself" Lip Balm

| 10/30/2013 4:11:00 PM

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From the makers of the best lip balm for the world, Eco Lips places the power of choice in the hands of consumers with the world’s first “Create it Yourself” lip balm at [My] Eco Lips. From the ease and privacy of one’s desktop, tablet or mobile, concocting a personalized Eco Lips lip balm is simply a matter of unleashing the creative juices and choosing style, ingredients and packaging via a few strategic clicks online.

According to Steve Shriver, CEO of Eco Lips, “Our very own “Certified Mixologists” blend the balm based on the customized order and mail it, all in a matter of days and for less than the price of a latte. With [My] Eco Lips, we’re trying to change the way business is done—giving customers the power to tell product manufacturers what they want, when they want it and how they want it.” [My] Eco Lips was inspired by Shriver’s 10-year-old daughter Chloey. Check out her video about creating [My] Eco Lips here:

Eco Lips Custom Lip Balms

The Three Easy Steps to Lip Balm Freedom via

• Pick your ingredients from a menu that includes multiple base choices, herbal extracts, natural flavors and specialty oils.
• Design your container with different colored caps, labels, tube colors and size.
• Name your balm and personalize your creation.

“Suddenly life has more flavor with [My] Eco Lips! Adding sparkle, sweetener and accessories rounds out the 2 billion possible lip balm combinations people can choose from. This is what lip owners have been secretly wishing for—to express themselves creatively and do justice to their lips,” adds Shriver. “And we want folks to share the love—[My] Eco Lips makes a perfect gift, a party favor or a unique premium for business, school or fun.”

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