Climate Ride Northeast: Hundreds to Bike for a Better Environment

| 6/17/2015 11:03:49 AM

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This fall, up to 200 cyclists, ranging in age from 12 to 80 and hailing from across the U.S., will ride in the inaugural Climate Ride Northeast - Bar Harbor to Boston. Set for Thursday, September 17 through Monday, September 21, 2015, the five-day, 320-mile charitable bike-a-thon takes riders down the New England coast and raises funds and awareness for sustainability, cycling advocacy, active transportation and environmental causes. The event expects to raise $400,000 to support more than 120 regional and national nonprofits.

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What is Climate Ride?

Climate Ride was the first bike-a-thon to support environmental causes and cycling advocacy, not only by raising money but also through advocating for government change and educating participants as part of the experience. It was the first adventure travel nonprofit to raise funds for environmental causes and awareness about the importance of bike safety and advocacy, thus making the connection that an increase in active transportation will reduce carbon emissions that plague the environment. It remains today the largest of its kind in terms of its national scope and money raised with its choose-your-own beneficiary model. In 2014, 390 Climate Riders raised $725,000, which was granted to more than 100 beneficiaries. To date, Climate Ride has raised and contributed $2.28 million.

Climate Ride Northeast - Bar Harbor to Boston 

Climate Ride Northeast - Bar Harbor to Boston is one of three charitable multi-day rides hosted by Climate Ride: Climate Ride Northeast, Climate Ride California, and Climate Ride Midwest. The organization hosts Climate Hikes in Glacier National Park and Bryce-Zion and a DIY program: Independent Challenges.

“Climate Rides are unique in that they are designed for the riders to explore the beauty of the landscape through which they pedal, while providing them with education and direct contact with environmental and cycling advocacy leaders,” says Caeli Quinn, co-founder and executive director. “Today, less than three percent of charitable giving in the country goes to support the environment, despite the effects of climate change and carbon emissions on public health. We are working to combat this issue and we are very excited to bring this event to the Northeast.”

Climate Ride Northeast - Bar Harbor to Boston is a fully-supported bike-a-thon which provides meals, snacks, bike support, luggage transport and lodging for participants along the route. On the road, the Climate Ride support team assists riders to each day’s final destination. Participants embark upon an experience of a lifetime, pedaling through some of America’s most beautiful coastal towns and Acadia National Park. Each night, business, policy, public health and science experts engage riders in conversations about the latest conservation and sustainability issues.

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