Summer Brew: Iced Tea Recipes Part 1

| 6/22/2009 12:56:27 PM


It will only get hotter before it starts to cool down, so why not quench your thirst with some homemade iced tea. I’m embracing the heat, here in the Midwest, by making a few iced teas to get me through the summer. (Spiced Tea and Ginger Tea are really simple recipes to make and quite a treat). Brewing your own iced tea is a perfect opportunity to sample some of the herbs you are growing in your garden this summer. Here are a two recipes from Herbal Iced Teas, for you to try in the midst of the summer heat. 

Photo by Cameron Watters/Courtesy Flickr

All of the recipes given below can easily be brewed in the sun.

Lemon-Hibiscus Tea

Makes 3 quarts

A touch of sassy citrus flavor and a crimson blush make this tea a favorite of children and a festive party beverage.