Spring into the Season with 5 Superfoods!

| 3/16/2011 4:59:08 PM

As spring unfolds, it's time to rediscover the beauty of eating fresh, local food—and what better way is there to celebrate spring than by partaking of its bounty? This season brings with it an arsenal of superfoods—delicous, nutrient-packed fruits and vegetables that not only better our bodies but can often be found locally! Celebrate spring—and good health—by indulging in these 5 spring superfoods. 


Nothing heralds spring like the harvest of fresh asparagus spears. Fresh asparagus is rich in vitamins K, C and A, as well as potassium, fiber and heart-healthy folate. Asparagus also has high concentrations of heart-healthy compounds such as B vitamins, folate and rutin, which strengthens capillary walls, and contains the highest amounts of cancer-fighting glutathione of any food.

Asparagus is delicious boiled, roasted, fried, baked or raw. Enjoy asparagus three ways this spring with these asparagus recipes.

asparagus bundles 
Asparagus contains more glutathione, a cancer-fighting compound, than any other food. Photo By Liz West/Courtesy Flickr.