Spice Up Your Holiday Decorations in 3 Ways

| 11/21/2008 9:47:18 AM

Rosemary.Having a Christmas tree at home was something I always took for granted. Even as I lived on-campus my first couple years in college, I still managed to live somewhere that we could have a Christmas tree to decorate and aid us in getting in that "holiday spirit." When I first moved into an apartment, and it was just up to me and my roommate to decide how to decorate for the holiday season, the main question was: Christmas tree or no Christmas tree?

We opted for the tree.

Although it was an adorable addition to our tiny living room, I can understand why one would want to bypass the Christmas tree option, based on space, time and money alone.

But there are other ways to decorate for the holidays that don't require 4-foot living things and can even allow you to incorporate your favorite herbs.

Looks like a Christmas tree, doesn't it? Source: GardensAblaze.com1. Rosemary Christmas tree

Buy a rosemary plant, often coined a rosemary Christmas tree for its shape, and keep it as a smaller alternative to a regular Christmas tree. Bonus: You can pick off the rosemary whenever to use in your cooking.

Though they're cute, they're hard to keep alive. Remember to keep them moist but well-drained, and in areas with lots of sun and humidity (think the bathroom when you're taking a shower).