Boost Your Resilience With Adaptogenic Herbs

| 12/20/2017 10:28:00 AM

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Your alarm blares, jostling you out of a fitful sleep. You half-heartedly down a cheap breakfast sandwich and coffee while trapped in morning rush hour traffic. Your boss emails you about a critical upcoming deadline. You spill part of your lunch down the front of your newly pressed shirt. You can feel your heart thudding away in your chest, and your brain struggling to keep it together through the fog and overstimulation. You already feel exhausted and emotional, ready to throw in the towel, and it’s not even noon!

Our modern world is jam-packed with stress, and it can often feel like we’re on a never-ending treadmill. It’s hard to keep your cool when you’re constantly drowning in bills to pay, errands to run, and obligations to fulfill. If you’re not careful, you can put yourself on the fast track to burnout, upping your risk of things like adrenal fatigue, insomnia, and mood disorders. While it’s always a good idea to include more downtime in your self-care regimen, what if there was an easy, natural way to help your body stay on top of things?

adaptogenic herbs
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Well, you’re in luck! Meet the adaptogens, a powerful family of herbs that can nourish your adrenals, calm your nervous system, and clarify your cognition. Their moniker comes from their wide-reaching actions on the human body, helping you naturally adapt to stressors in your environment. As a class of herbal remedies, the adaptogens work on several levels of the endocrine system, immune system, and neurochemical network. They help the body maintain homeostasis, and their active herbal compounds can blunt the “fight or flight” stress response that is so often triggered in our modern world.

While each herb possesses its own unique powers, together, these plants have an impressive range of benefits, including:

• Improved sleep-onset, duration, and overall quality
• Enhanced immune activity
• Stabilized output from adrenal and thyroid glands
• Clearer, quicker thinking
• Lower cortisol levels
• Increased physical and mental stamina
• Easier weight loss
• Reduced levels of anxiety and depression
• Better athletic performance

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