Repair Chlorine-Damaged Hair In Your Kitchen

| 7/5/2011 12:42:00 PM

J.PattonSometimes there is only one cure to a hot summer day: a nice dip in the swimming pool. However, this escape from the sweltering temperatures can cause problems for your hair later on down the road.

Chlorine is added to water in a swimming pool to prevent the growth of harmful substances, such as bacteria. However, while it’s at work killing germs, it is also killing your hair’s health status. Chlorine strips hair of its natural oils, which are there to protect hair from damage in the first place. Without oil, hair can become dry, frizzy and brittle. Repeated exposure to chlorine can cause even more damage by injuring hair follicles, which can lead to hair breakage.

There’s no need to turn in your pool pass, however. There are many at-home solutions you can make with ingredients right out of your kitchen cabinets.

The protein in an egg is what makes this dairy product great for hair care.
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Raw eggs. Yup, the “Incredible, Edible Egg” is even more incredible than you thought. Eggs are made almost entirely of protein, so they can help strengthen the hair shaft and make hair silk and shiny.

Egg Hair Treatment 

5/27/2014 8:24:06 AM

We often find it irresistible to take a dip in the pool in summer and the loss that we get to our hair is common. Well mentioned points to take care of the hair but there are some initial steps which can be taken up to avoid such problems like balancing the chemical and you can take help of any of the and get your pool cleaned regularly.