Pamper Your Feet, Naturally

| 4/22/2011 2:16:27 PM

/uploadedImages/Blogs/C.Leinbach.jpgCamille is a licensed aesthetician and operator of Autumn Moon Aesthetics. Her holistic skin care practice incorporates natural, homemade products, herbal therapy, aromatherapy and energetic bodywork. She encourages individuals to become more connected to their body and the Earth by creating natural products themselves at home. Visit her blog at  

A scary thing happens when spring comes in Michigan. We finally take off our winter boots and socks.

Yes, after nearly seven long months of being bundled up, we are forced to uncover our feet and begin thinking about wearing sandals. (Gasp!) My feet are always a wreck come spring despite my best efforts to keep feet soft and smooth during the colder months.

Not to worry—nature has given us some wonderful tools to remedy dry, rough and generally gnarly feet. By following this simple and luxurious two-part spa treatment, your feet will be on their way from ghastly to gorgeous!

 4-22-2011 Pretty Feet 
Just a few natural ingredients can make your feet feel soft and smooth.
Photo by Spa Pantry/Courtesy Universal Companies

STEP ONE: Soothing Peppermint Foot Soak  

7/4/2015 8:39:33 AM

thanks for such a good blog. I will keep note of that. Besides that I have one more question, Do shoes we wear also effect out feet. does open footwear or closed type footwear have anything to do except for the protection from dirt and pollution of our feet. and how does high heels have any effect on body?