New Year Resolution: Health Tips For Winter

| 12/8/2009 11:49:28 AM


Marguerite Dunne is a city girl and traveler. Visit her website at or listen to her radio show, The Urban Herbalist, on Marguerite was also the third place winner in The Herb Companion's essay contest, "Looking Forward to Herbs."

The holidays, especially New Year’s, always invite us to reassess whatever the heck it is we think we have to reassess about our own cacophonous agendas. I like the Japanese tradition of making New Year’s a time to clean out the closets; a little feng shui de-cluttering sounds like a good start to the new year. ‘Tis also the season of more than enough colds, flus, indigestion, and even a little heartache; add in all the holiday spending we do, and who’s got time to figure out how to stay healthy? 

I was shuffling these (almost) disparate thoughts around, thinking about what to write here, when I opened up my latest email question post to by fellow writers from The Association of Health Care Journalists. I thought the questions represented a good state of art in health care:

“….a story involving a hospital board and its political lobbying, conflicts of interest, illegal awarding of salaries and severances to executives, possible violation of non-profit statutes and IRS codes.  Can you suggest any experts or former attorneys general who advise boards in these areas…..?”