8 Natural Ways to Boost and Support Your Memory

| 4/11/2018 8:50:00 AM

People struggle with memory and brain fog at all ages. Your struggles may be related to nutrition, stress, lack of exercise or a health condition.

It’s always important to check with your doctor if you notice a shift in your memory recall, but here are eight natural ways to boost and support your memory.

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Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

Gotu Kola

Herbs are fantastic natural ways to boost your memory. Gotu kola, also known as Indian pennywort, is an Indian herb that works best as a tincture you can obtain from an herbalist. It’s a little bitter, but the herb has a load of B vitamins, vitamin C and polynutrients, such as flavonoids and polyphenols. Don’t take it if you’re on blood thinners.

Gotu kola boosts memory on the molecular level as it improves the activity of pathways associated with long-term memory. Since the herb raises antioxidant levels of your blood, it can improve memory and learning in extract form. Supplements are also helpful.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba is touted as a miraculous memory aid, but more studies must be conducted to prove its hype. There are a few smaller studies that support its use for some improvements in Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline. Older populations may find more benefit in including this herb in their diets.