Natural Remedies for Migraines

| 10/22/2010 10:34:23 AM

/uploadedImages/Blogs/L.Cleek.jpgI'm sitting at my desk, minding my own business, when suddenly I begin to tense up, my neck starts to tighten, the once manageable fluorescent office lighting becomes unbearably bright and I’m overcome by an unmistakable sensation—I have a migraine.    

 According to the National Headache Foundation, more than 29.5 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches.

I’ve had chronic migraines for years, so you’d think I’d be an expert at headache remedies. Mine are a rare breed and they have become seemingly immune to any kind of over-the-counter treatment. I’ve recently started seeing my third neurologist in as many years and am hopeful if not a bit skeptical that he’ll be able to find an effective treatment for my constant pain. However, I’ve grown impatient of trying one treatment after another with no relief, so this time I’m not going to rely solely on prescriptions. In addition to the triptan (abortive medication) my doctor prescribed, he also recommended I begin a vitamin regimen of magnesium, co-enzyme Q10 and vitamin B2. In addition to my daily vitamin cocktail, I’ve decided to try a few herbal remedies rumored to be effective for migraine relief.

Feverfew: When I first started researching alternative migraine treatments, feverfew leaf (Tanacetum parthenium) was mentioned in nearly every article I read so it was first on my list of things to try. According to the National Migraine Association, feverfew is effective as a migraine remedy because it relaxes tension in the blood vessels in the brain. I have been taking feverfew in capsule-form but it can also be ingested as a tea or a tincture.

 10/22 feverfew
Feverfew was traditionally used to treat fevers and other illnesses.
Photo by Ripplestone Garden/Courtesy Flickr    

I’ve been taking 380mg of feverfew daily for about a month now and though I still experience moderate headache pain on an almost daily basis, I have noticed a slight decrease in the frequency of my more severe migraines. It’s hard to say whether this decrease is a result of the feverfew or my new vitamin regimen but whatever the case I’m not complaining.