Low Carb: How Do You Start?

| 10/3/2017 1:06:00 PM

Making a change to your lifestyle is often a challenge, especially when it involves food. When nearly every convenient and tasty staple of a busy person's diet seems to be a carb-bomb – such as pizza, pasta, even some fruits – it can seem overwhelming. What can you eat? How will you keep yourself on track? Most importantly, how do you start? These tips will help you transition to a new way of eating.

Cut sugar out of your diet.

Cutting back on your sugar intake is a vital component of a healthier diet. Photo by Pixabay/Congerdesign

Look for Recipes

What ingredients show up frequently in low-carb recipes? What types of recipes fit your lifestyle and other needs (i.e. gluten-free. Dairy-free, etc)? Start collecting recipes now, so you can start accumulating key ingredients and familiarizing yourself with staple meals. If many of your future go-to recipes call for sauteed veggies or poached eggs, learn or improve your skills in the kitchen.You can collect recipes digitally (like on Pinterest or on an app), or the old-fashioned way in a recipe binder. If you’re looking for ideas, I have a few low-carb recipe boards on Pinterest.

Plan How to Purge Carbs from Your Kitchen Responsibly

We don’t have enough money to just toss all of our carb-loaded foods and immediately purchase the “big ticket” items of low-carb lifestyle. Luckily (or unluckily), we recently had a gap in between paychecks where we couldn’t buy groceries. This forced us to use up old canned goods, boxes of hamburger helper (sans the hamburger), and other heavily processed foods. By using them up now, I’m not tempted to eat them later.

Take Your Measurements

In order to create realistic goals, you’ll need to know where you’re starting from. Some measurements that may be helpful to record are: weight, circumference of your bust hips and waist, and blood sugar (especially if you’re diabetic or pre-diabetic). Keep your records somewhere where you can readily access it - be it on your phone, in a spreadsheet, or in a bullet journal.