In The News: The Run for Naturopathic Medicine Awareness

| 3/18/2011 11:01:03 AM

S.CollinsHe did it once and now he is going to do it again, but this time for a more natural cause. Dr. Dennis Godby, ND plans to run across the country, from San Francisco to Bridgeport, Conneticut, (that’s 3,258 miles!) in only 123 days. He’s doing it in the name of natural medicine. He hopes that his four-month, 90-city journey will promote awareness of naturopathic medicine in the United States.

18 March 2011 The Run 

What is naturopathic medicine you may ask? According to The Run’s website, naturopathic medicine is an alternative, natural approach to improving a person’s health through “stimulation, increase, and support of the person’s inherent healing capacity.” Naturopathic doctors don’t only look at the source of the pain or illness, but rather, he or she works the entire body to help the person heal. Naturopathic medicine has six underlying principles:

1. First do not harm: Only use treatment that is needed

2. The healing power of nature: Let the body heal naturally

3. Indentify and treat the cause: Look beyond the illness to the root of the problem