In The News: Olive Oil May Reduce Risk of Stroke

| 6/21/2011 1:05:16 PM

J.PattonResearchers at the Université Bordeaux in France have concluded that olive oil may help reduce the risk of stroke in elderly individuals. The study found that people who used olive oil heavily in cooking and dressings were 41 percent less likely to have a stroke compared with those who never used olive oil. (abcNews)

Considering stroke is the third-leading cause of death in the United States and the number one cause of disability, this information could have huge implications. According to the Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, more than 500,000 people in the United States suffer from a stroke each year. Your risk of stroke increases with age, doubling with each decade you are alive after the age of 55. Risk levels also increase for people with diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.

Olive oil contains many health benefits including possibly preventing a stroke.
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Olive oil, which is the third best-selling cooking oil in the United States, contains many other benefits as well.

Olive oil contains monounsaturated fats, which are often referred to as “healthy fats.” They can also be found in foods such as macadamia nuts, avocados and almonds. If you include these healthy fats in your diet, rather than unhealthy fats like saturated fats, this may help control insulin levels and lower your cholesterol, which could reduce your risk of stroke in the process.  

Adding olive oil is also a great way to add a delicious flavor to healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, which contain countless nutrients and benefits to your body.