In The News: Chocolate and Healthy Arteries

| 2/14/2011 11:23:16 AM

K.PriebeHappy Belated Valentine's Day! I have a huge sweet tooth and now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone I’m ready to dig into all the chocolate I was gifted. A new study suggests that chocolate (Theobroma cacao) consumption may help maintain healthy arteries. The antioxidants could keep you healthy. In the study, 2,217 individuals participated in food frequency questionnaires. The subjects were involved in the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute Family Heart Study. In order to measure the results of this study, "healthy arteries were assessed by rate of calcified atherosclerotic plaque in the coronary arteries."

ChocolateThe subjects rated their chocolate consumption based on four categories: zero, one-serving per week, two-servings plus per week or one-to-three servings per month.

The study concluded that people who had one to three servings per month had a six percent reduced risk of Coronary Artery Calcium (CAC); people who had chocolate once per week had a 22 percent reduction in CAC; and people who ate chocolate at least twice per week had a 32 percent reduction in CAC.

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Photo by EuroMagic/Courtesy of Flickr