In The News: Whole Grains May Prevent Early Death

| 3/4/2011 1:52:05 PM

S.CollinsA recent study that was funded by the National Cancer Institute shows that eating fiber from whole-grains may help reduce to risk of an early death that is caused by various heart and lung ailments.

The study found that fiber from whole-grains appeared to lower the risk of dying from heart attack, heart disease and other respiratory diseases, such as pneumonia. 

The study also discovered that men who consume a large amount of fiber may reduce their risk of developing cancer. The study said that this could be because the fiber helped lower the risk of cancer that was more likely to occur among men, such as head and neck cancers.

However, fibers do vary from source to source. Fiber from whole-grains, such as oats and wheat, had the most powerful agents when lowering the risk of a young death from heart and lung problems. Interestingly enough, fiber from vegetable and beans did not have a strong influence while fiber from fruit offered no protection.

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Fiber from whole-grain foods may be even more beneficial than you think!
Photo by mtsofan/Courtesy Flickr

To explain this, researches say they think that the antioxidants and other vitamins found in whole-grains may further assist a long, healthy life.