Improve Your Mood: 5 Habits to Make You Feel Happier

| 8/17/2010 1:23:00 PM

If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed most days, it might be time to change your lifestyle. Unhappiness can be caused by a number of factors, from stress to nutrient deficiencies, but you don’t have to be bound by them. Take control over your life! Banish bad moods by changing your habits. Try these five tips.

healthy breakfast
Starting your day off with a healthy breakfast of granola, low-fat yogurt and fruit will help stabilize your mood. Photo By elisabet.s/Courtesy Flickr. 

1. Don’t skip breakfast. 

If you roll out of bed feeling grumpy, skipping breakfast will only worsen your mood. Without food, your brain won’t function properly, your blood sugar will drop and stress hormones will invade your body, souring your mood and interfering with your ability to work—which certainly won’t improve your disposition any. Eating a breakfast full of sugars and simple carbs won’t help either. Foods such as white-bread bagels and sugary drinks will fuel your body for a short while, but the spike they deliver to your blood sugar will drop quickly, causing a mid-morning crash.

Starting your day with a healthy breakfast will keep your blood sugars stable, which in turn will keep your mood stable. Opt for complex carbs and protein: whole-grain bread, eggs and granola.

2. Eat the right fats.