Herbs for Athletes: No Risky Steroid Injections Required

| 7/24/2009 2:08:11 PM


I know a few guys and gals—I won’t name names—who are obsessed with enhancing their athletic performance and physical health. From protein drinks to creatine powders and quercetin supplements, they’re always out for the latest breakthrough in athletic technology. I have been caught up in this sporty fervor myself and been forced to drink protein concoctions from time to time. As long as they’re mixed with tasty fruit juices and yogurts, I’m fine, but protein powder and water – no thanks.

I begrudgingly agree that drinking protein powders after my workout does seem to help my energy and stamina. However, after reading Don Matesz’s article, Natural Healing: Making a Fresh Start, I realize that I might be getting more protein than I really need. I don’t need as much because my workouts are usually fast and furious rather than long and intense. I’m reluctant to rely on manufactured supplements, anyway. I’d prefer to get the most out of a good, healthy meal, instead of abstaining from calories and chugging protein.

protein powders
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To improve your game, you don’t necessarily have to look ahead for the next scientific supplement, just look around you. Researchers for The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research found in a study this year that consuming black currants before and after your workout can decrease muscle damage, reduce inflammation and boost immune systems. 

Black Currants
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