Herbal Remedies for Common Camping Ailments

| 7/10/2009 4:21:20 PM


I plan to go camping this summer but don’t want my fun ruined by bug bites, bee stings or poison ivy. With my luck though, I’ll spend most of the camping trip itching my legs rather than enjoying the wilderness. Preventive measures – bug sprays and campfires – can only go so far; try our herbal remedies to soothe those common camping complaints. 

Camping Ailment #1: Poison Ivy 

Prevent poison ivy rashes by learning how to identify them. Poison ivy grows as a vine or a shrub. Most often it coils around trees or along the ground, but it can also form into upright bushes.

The leaves of poison ivy consist of three pointed leaflets. The leaves have a reddish color in the spring, are green in the summer, and have various shades of yellow, orange or red in the fall.