Get Glowing Skin with Spring Greens

| 5/24/2011 10:49:51 AM

C.LeinbachCamille is a licensed aesthetician and operator of Autumn Moon Aesthetics. Her holistic skin care practice incorporates natural, homemade products, herbal therapy, aromatherapy and energetic bodywork. She encourages individuals to become more connected to their body and the Earth by creating natural products themselves at home. Visit her blog at  

Every spring, our yard looks like a jungle. While all of our neighbors are mowing and preening their yards, ours grows with reckless abandon as we wait like kids on Christmas morning for the first weeds to grow. Well, I guess it’s more myself than my husband that awaits this gleeful time, but each year he keeps the tractor in the barn until the end of May and sits back to watch his crazy wife harvest wild backyard greens in her Sponge Bob sweatpants.  

05-24-11 Violet
Common violet leaf is calming and soothing to sensitive skin.

Thankfully, our yard is a bounty of wild plants. We are blessed each spring with an abundance of dandelions, yellow dock, plantain, wild violet, catnip, mint, poppy, chickweed, nettle, ground ivy and more. Each year, I find a new affinity for them all and new ways to use them in skin care treatments. 

05-24-11 Plantain
Common plantain acts to soothe and reduce skin inflammation.

What many see as common weeds can be very beneficial when applied externally to skin. Plantain and violet leaves are very healing and can help to relieve irritation. Ground ivy is cooling, anti-inflammatory and has a nice tightening, astringent effect on the skin. Dandelion is a great all-around detoxifier and is also full of nutrients for healthy skin.