Every Herb Has a Story: Bilberry for Eyes

| 7/11/2011 2:51:04 PM

R.BureshRandy Buresh (Registered Nurse and Herbalist), is the co-owner and founder of Oregon’s Wild Harvest. Oregon’s Wild Harvest grows, harvests and produces their own medicinal herbal products, many of which use the herbs grown on their certified Biodynamic® and Organic farm in Sandy, Oregon. www.oregonswildharvest.com.

Every herb has a story, and that of bilberry reaches a climax during World War II.

It was during World War II that British Royal Air Force pilots were eating bilberry jam and noticed something afterward: their night vision was sharper than usual whenever they ate the jam before starting their nighttime missions. They credited the improvement in vision to the bilberry jam.

Of course, bilberry had been around a long time before WWII. Bilberry has been used as a medicinal herb since the 16th century, but it was after the Royal Air Force pilots’ discovery that this plant acquired its present reputation as a superberry linked to good eye health.

Recent clinical research confirms that ingesting bilberries improves visual acuity in healthy people, provides nutritional support for the blood vessels of the eyes and helps maintain normal eye health. 

7-11-11 bilberry
Bilberries are full of antioxidants that can greatly benefit eyesight.
Photo by Timo_w2s/Courtesy