Essential Oils for Everyday Focus

| 2/23/2016 8:56:00 AM

Focus is the ability to concentrate your attention or energy on something. And what prevents that? Distractions, which tend to get in the way of our precious time on earth!

A few years ago, while gardening, being distracted meant planting too many seeds, which led to more weeding, watering, harvesting, cooking and canning. Ugh…what should have been enjoyment was now a drag. And it’s a vicious cycle: The extra time needed for all of the above meant I was unable to accomplish everything I wanted to do, which led to frustration and wearing myself out. Does that sound familiar, at all?

citrus and mint essential oil blend
Photo by Fotolia.

I once read a book about gaining focus, which surprisingly, I was able to focus on and finish! One part of the book that has stayed with me since was how to recognize, regroup and get back on track when we’re “out of focus.” For me, that means writing down what I want to accomplish, eating healthy, exercising and using a focus essential oil blend. The easiest of all is using the essential oils; I simply breathe them in to help me feel focused.

These essential oils are from plants that have been are scientifically proven to help with focus and concentration:

• Spearmint (menthe spicata) can reduce mental strain, fatigue and stress.
• Peppermint (menthe piperita) helps with concentration, focus and metal fatigue.
• Lemon (citrus limon) can clear the mind and aid in decision making.
• Blood Orange (citrus sinensis) creates a stimulating and up-lifting environment.